Monday, January 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - - January 22, 2007

Well, after last week (my first) I must admit that I really love this idea. It helped me out so much last week. I knew what I was going to make, had all the ingredients on hand, and didn't have to hassle with any last minute problems since I planned according to our busy schedules. I'm definitely going to keep up with this weekly habit.

Monday: Samosas (husband has been after me to make these for over a week now)

Tuesday: Putenesca Pasta, Salad, Homemade bread

Wednesday: Southwestern Corn Soup and Burritos

Thursday: Grilled Tofurky Sandwiches, fruit salad, and fresh cut fries

Friday: Pizza night with homemade pizza crust

Saturday: Barbecue Beans with Tofu

Sunday: Black eyed peas, Brown rice, and stewed tomatoes with okra.

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Margaret said...

All looks really good! Thanks for reminding me that I have a bag of black-eyed peas to use! Maybe next week....

Ann said...

the Southwestern corn soup sounds good- do you have a recipe?

April said...

Yeah, I actually do have a recipe for that. I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow.